Linn Benton Area Meetings

LBANA Monthly Area service meeting is held on the first Sunday of every month

@2PM at 33872 SE Eastgate Cir  Corvallis, OR 97333


New to Virtual Meetings? Click to learn more!

If you haven’t used Zoom here are some links to help you get familiar.  We will also be ready to help as you join.  Please don’t let technology be a barrier, everyone can do this.

The general etiquette for an online meeting is that you will enter the meeting muted.  The Chairperson will go through the reading and introduce the topic.  Once he opens the meeting if you would like to share please raise your hand.  The co-chair will make a list of those who would like to share.  If you change your mind its cool to put your hand down.  The Co-chair will call on people in order of their hand raise.  PLEASE DON’T UNMUTE UNLESS YOU ARE SHARING.  It is very distracting for the people in the meeting.

We will all unmute at the end for the 3rd Step Prayer.

Here is a video on joining a meeting and getting audio and video dialed in.

Here is a PDF explaining how to raise your hand in a Zoom meeting.


Here is a PDF explaining how to get started with Zoom:

Worldwide Virtual Meetings

If a local meeting is not available when you want or need one, NA World Services has listings for meeting around the world.